It is the largest village in Tinos, after Chora. Most visitors distinguish it from other villages and regard it not just very beautiful, but an outdoor museum of folk art as well, which preserves the traditional Cycladic architecture.

It has many gorgeous creations made of marble and gives the feeling of elegance, artistry and human inspiration. While strolling through the picturesque streets you can admire the marble decorations around the windows, the lintels with a variety of decorative motifs, the fountains and the School of Fine Arts, from which famous Greek sculptors graduated.

“It is the most beautiful village of the island and one of the most beautiful of the Cyclades”

Don’t forget to visit Giannoulis Chalepas’s house – museum, the cemetery with the marble masterpieces and the museum of Tinian Artists exhibiting works by Giannoulis Chalepas, Filippotis, Sochos, Vitalis etc.

Before leaving take a rest in the village square, where you can enjoy a “greek coffee” on the coals and a traditional desert like “galaktompoureko”, under the magnificent plane trees.